‘Parler Has a Right to Exist,’ Says Vitalik Buterin. Can Ethereum Help? – Decrypt

'Parler Has a Right to Exist,' Says Vitalik Buterin. Can Ethereum Help? - Decrypt

In brief

  • Parler got a rough ride from Big Tech platforms over concerns that its users were congregating to spread inflammatory messages.
  • But members of the Ethereum community thinks that it has the right to exist.
  • Ethereum is a censorship-resistant protocol. But that doesn’t mean its apps can’t moderate users’ activity.

Parler has had a rough week. 

The free speech lovin’ social media app, which attracted conservatives after Donald Trump lost the election, was crushed by Big Tech platforms after Trump’s incendiary comments led his supporters to raid the Capitol. 

Google and Apple knocked the app off their stores and Amazon kicked Parler off its cloud services.

Big Tech’s crackdown on Parler, which has since crippled the app, drew criticism from the crypto crowd. While there was disagreement on whether Amazon should have kicked it off its cloud servers, many agreed that Parler shouldn’t be scrubbed off the internet entirely, even if they don’t like the crowd if it attracts.

That’s the line pushed by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, who today defended the claim that “Parler has a right to exist, full stop.” 

“The attempts at bringing down Parler are very worrying. Apple, Google, AWS are much more like ‘common infrastructure providers’ than a social media site is,” he tweeted.

Buterin continued: “I think a global conversation medium is a valuable thing to have. I worry that ‘default’ political philosophy (both liberal-democratic and otherwise) will push social media governance in a


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