Business : How is ETH2 doing after launching the deposit agreement? – Explica

Business : How is ETH2 doing after launching the deposit agreement? - Explica

On November 4, the Ethereum Foundation confirmed the launch of the Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract, or ETH2, and, for now, 47.7 thousand ETH have been sent to the contract. What does it mean?

ETH2, is it succeeding?

Ethereum 2.0 has had to overcome many obstacles and therefore the crypto community has feared multiple times that ETH2 would suffer one more delay.

Consequently, the launch of the ETH2 deposit contract surprised the community. For those who don’t know what this launch entails, it basically allows investors to deposit ETH into this contract.

Those who deposit their ETH into this contract will be able to claim ETH2 on the second network once it goes live.

Why would investors do that? Basically because there is the expectation of receiving a return during the time that these ETH are deposited; however, at the moment it is not known which performance.

To participate, investors must deposit at least 32 ETH and a total of at least 16,384 deposits or 524,288 ETH are required, almost USD 200 million until the deployment of the Beacon Chain.

Have investors contributed ETH?

Yesterday Dune Analytics offered very interesting information on Twitter regarding the progress of the ETH2 contract.

According to Dune Analytics, for now, 47.7 thousand ETH have been deposited into the ETH2 contract; being only 9% of the 524,288 ETH needed.

This amount of ETH has been deposited by 232 people; Vitalik Buterin has been one of the biggest contributors so far with a deposit of 3,200 ETH.

Obviously ETH2 is still quite far from its goal and that raises concern. The question is: What is holding investors back?

In fact, it is speculated that


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