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What' s Ethereum?

Ethereum is an extremely innovative information technology that can improve certain daily processes in which there is an exchange of money or services, making them transparent, reliable and unassailable and in this way opens the door to an improvement in people’s quality of life on a large scale.

Ethereum is the world’s first decentralized virtual computer.

Usually, we are used to think of a computer as something physical, where someone typing keys makes things happen.

Ethereum is a computer that doesn’t exist. It is virtual. That is, it doesn’t reside in any physical place but in the network.

Technically, it is composed of all the computers that participate in the Ethereum network but at the same time it is autonomous from them.

In other words, if you turn off the Facebook server, Facebook shuts down. If you turn off a computer on the Ethereum network, Ethereum continues to work, thanks to the other computers connected.

Because it is decentralized, no one can control, censor or attack it: if you try to hack a computer on the network, there are thousands more on that continue to run Ethereum.